Piranhas...do you LOVE breaststroke? Maybe you just LIKE breaststroke but need more practice. You are in luck! Next week, March 7-12, we are concentrating on breaststroke. Everything from body position, drills, rhythm, and more. Even if you haven't been coming to practice on a regular basis, but love this stroke, this may be a great week for you to come and get back into the water for some major stroke work.

If you aren't a huge breaststroke fan, don't worry! We'll be doing some other strokes during practice as well but we are going to do our main sets working on breaststroke.

Grab your goggles, grab your cap, it's time to breaststroke!

07/16/2012 15:49

will come back before long

09/24/2012 08:21

good post


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