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Make sure you check out the Practice tab for the most updated practice schedule! There have been some changes and we want to make sure you are aware of what is going on. Remember, try to choose one practice time for the season and stick with it so we can create some consistency. Summer
Today, we had our monthly time challenge. Time challenges allow the swimmers to basically race against their personal best time in a certain event multiple times in a row. The best part about today's challenges...every swimmer that participated created new personal bests from their previous practice swims!

Today, we raced 4 x 50 Free, 4 x 50 Choice, and 4 x 100 Choice. The choice swims allow the swimmers to choose one stroke to concentrate on for that set to see how much they can improve over the course of their 4 swims. And the best part is, if you swam one stroke in your first choice set, you have to pick a different stroke for your second set! I think this is the best part because they get the opportunity to improve a stroke they wouldn't normally choose...I think some swimmers would disagree but I think I'm right =) 

Way to go Emily K., Natalie, Hannah, Nick, Avery and Ali! Coach Julie and I loved your effort and can't wait to see you beat today's times at the next time challenge!