Hello Piranhas fans!
I am very excited to be working on the Swim team website. My hopes are that this will be a place for parents to see pictures of their children and get answers to their questions. This summer is my son Ty's first year so if you have any suggestions for posts or information/ pictures you would like to see, please email me! See you at the next meet!
There is only a week and a half left until the end of the summer league session. Tomorrow, we have swimmers participating in the mini-meet at Cape and then Saturday is the last regular meet of the season which will be hosted at home. For those swimmers who qualify, the SMSC Swim Championships will be held in Cape next Saturday. Beyond that, we will have a few swimmers attending the Junior Olympics in New Orleans the first week in August.

There are so many things to celebrate! We have seen new swimmers improve so much that we can't believe they are the same kids. And we have seen veteran swimmers get faster and stronger than ever before. We are so proud of our Piranhas! Thank you for being a part of the team and sharing in our successes.

As the team cheer goes...L-E-T-S G-O, Piranhas, GO!
What an awesome week and a half this has been. Our newest little Piranhas are showing great improvement! Their skills are really developing and best of all, we're having FUN! I can't wait to see what our first meet holds the first weekend in June.

On Tuesday, our veteran Piranha swimmers jumped in the shallow end to help our developing swimmers in small groups. It was great to see the team interacting as one. THANK YOU older Piranha swimmers for being such great role models for our young swimmers. They had a blast with you in the water with them!

Week two of summer practice is almost over and we still have more swimmers that will be joining our practices once school is out. The enthusiasm is high and we are having fun in the pool. I am sure this summer will be our best summer yet! 
Today, we had 15 summer swimmers join our year-round swimmers in the pool for the first day of summer swim practice. Do you want to know what is even cooler? 13 of them are our young developing swimmers! I am SO excited to be working with them and they were awesome today! We even made up a team chear. Actually, I have to give credit to Megan B. because she came up with it!

"L-E-T-S G-O, Piranhas, Go!"
Summer Swim Team practice begins in ONE WEEK! Are you ready? We are ready for you! See you on May 9!
The Piranhas have a new email address that will be used for all future team communication. We can be reached at perryvillepiranhas@gmail.com!
Make sure you check out the Practice tab for the most updated practice schedule! There have been some changes and we want to make sure you are aware of what is going on. Remember, try to choose one practice time for the season and stick with it so we can create some consistency. Summer
Today, we had our monthly time challenge. Time challenges allow the swimmers to basically race against their personal best time in a certain event multiple times in a row. The best part about today's challenges...every swimmer that participated created new personal bests from their previous practice swims!

Today, we raced 4 x 50 Free, 4 x 50 Choice, and 4 x 100 Choice. The choice swims allow the swimmers to choose one stroke to concentrate on for that set to see how much they can improve over the course of their 4 swims. And the best part is, if you swam one stroke in your first choice set, you have to pick a different stroke for your second set! I think this is the best part because they get the opportunity to improve a stroke they wouldn't normally choose...I think some swimmers would disagree but I think I'm right =) 

Way to go Emily K., Natalie, Hannah, Nick, Avery and Ali! Coach Julie and I loved your effort and can't wait to see you beat today's times at the next time challenge!
Last night, the Piranha Parents had a meeting and made tons of decisions for the summer session. You can find the most current practice and meet schudules posted on the web site now.

Sign ups are just around the corner and we are doing our best to get the word out. Flyers are going out to all of the local schools and you can help. Start talking up the Piranhas with your school friends and neighborhood families. There is a lot of fun to be had by all this summer!

If you know an individual or business interested in sponsoring the Piranhas this summer, let us know! Sponsorship is only $25 and will get their name on the team shirt, our web site, and our home meet heat sheets. Plus, they get a free shirt!

As always, thank YOU for your ongoing support of your local community swim team. We are looking
The next time you visit the Perry Park Center pool or drop your swimmer off for practice make sure you take a walk by the diving boards to see our new Piranha Praise Wall. The Piranha Praise Wall (PPW) is for the team (swimmers, coaches, and parents) to diplay things they love about swimming, great practices, fast swims, and anything else you can think of to motivate and inspire our swimmers! Today was the first day for the PPW and we are already seeing what our kids love about swimming. I LOVE it!

Grab a sharpie and show the world how proud you are of your Piranha swimmers!